The Findhorn Community began in 1962 when its founders settled in a caravan park on a windswept peninsular in North Scotland. The group of three (plus three kids) was committed to practising spiritual principles in everyday life, including co-creation with nature and the interconnection of all life. This resulted in amazing gardens, which attracted thousands of visitors from around the world. Many stayed and the community grew based on values of love, service and spiritual practice. It came to world attention in the 1970s. Several popular books were published at the time, most notably, Paul Hawken’s The Magic of Findhorn. Findhorn became recognised as a thriving New Age spiritual community. In the 1980s a new environmentalist impulse emerged. The community adopted the ecovillage model as it’s frame for future expansion and the upgrading of existing buildings and infrastructure. It also adopted many of the social technologies prevalent in the ecovillage movement. Today the community strives to integrate both sides to its personality – our spirituality and our environmental concerns are two sides of the one coin. Estimates of our size vary but it’s likely that we have about 600 members, about half of whom are scattered in a wide geographic area around the two main campuses at Findhorn and Cluny Hill in North Scotland.

For much more information on all aspects of our community I suggest you go to the Findhorn Foundation web site here.