It’s late summer-early autumn here in Findhorn. It’s been a glorious summer. Lots of sunshine, lingering twilight, meals outdoors, long walks on the beach and still enough rain for the gardens … I could go on. But instead, I thought I’d make this week’s post more pictorial. Instead of painting pictures with so many words, I’ll post photographs I’ve taken of my week’s activities.

On Friday our vegetable gardeners staged their annual Harvest Festival. The event attracted about 50 people who made themselves garlands of marigolds, participated in a ritual or two, harvested produce from all parts of the garden and then processed to the Community Centre dining room to eat and celebrate the end of a summer season of abundance.

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Harvest season is a great time for a juice faxt. The apples are thick on the trees and the fresh greens are irrepressible in their vitality and goodness. So that’s what me and my beloved are doing for the week: fruit juice for breakfast, vegetable juice for lunch and vegetable broth for dinner. It’s been easy, fun and extremely beneficial. Highly recommend.

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This week Sunday Taize (see post titled Taize)  happened to fall on International Peace Day, so peace was even more of a theme than usual. We started with two Dances of Universal Peace (mentioned in the last post titled Dance). Here is a video of one of them.

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Tonight (Tuesday) in the Universal Hall we held a ‘Way of Council’ to look at a New Story for the community. This is a precursor to the New Story Summit which is happening here next week; 350 people are coming from all around the world for what promises to be a very special event. More info here. I will be intensely involved this and next week as my day job is in the Conference Office of the Findhorn Foundation. Very much looking forward to it.


Dear followers and casual readers, I’m going to have to call a premature halt to this post. I had wanted to write much more but time does not permit – such is the pressure on us all at the moment as we prepare for the biggest conference we’ve had in 20 years. I am in the thick of the organisation and working 12 hour days at a very hectic pace. And the New Story Summit hasn’t even begun yet. So I am guessing I won’t have time for a post next week.

So I wish you well and will be back in a couple of weeks.

Love and blessings